The Recruitment Challenge is UWAYE's current Marquee event. The challenge starts off the year, and involves a series of resume workshops for engineering students across the junior and senior divisions. Participants are evaluated on the standard of their resumes, and given the chance to develop teamwork and problem solving skills through an assessment centre simulation; where participants are tasked with discussing an ethical situation and also assessed upon construction of a crane from straws and classroom materials, purchased within a budget. The challenge additionally includes face to face interviews, where participants are given the chance to develop articulation and the use of the STAR (Sitaution, Task, Action, Response) method. This event has been running since 2011 and will continue thanks to a strong partnership with BHP Billiton.

23 FEB - 31 MARCH 2015

I have not been to many interviews like these and it gave me a great perspective on being interviewed at a huge company... Thank you for organising such a challenge because I feel it gives us a very valuable sneak peek into the world of job interviews.
— Student Feedback from 2014

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The Visagio Challenge is a week long competition held by VisagioUWAYE and UWA Consulting Society designed to assess and help improve the quality of your work as well as to test your creativity and interpersonal skills.

Feedback regarding deliverables created by groups will be provided as teams of 3 compete in a series of challenges to win awesome prizes!

There is no registration fee required!

Be sure to see more of the Visagio Challenge 2014  through the Facebook Page.

UWA News Press Release in regards to the Visagio Challenge!

We had a productive time in participating this Visagio Challenge 2014, as a group we learned a substantial information not just about Supply Chain Management, but also we developed research and communication skills over the past week.
— Student Feedback from 2014

Start-Up Consulting Competition

The Start-Up Challenge is a competition run over the course of a week based around teams creating a proposal to a real company in order for them to achieve their own goals. The competition is being run in collaboration with Profectus and UWA Consulting Society. The aim of the competition is to promote entrepreneurship to students as a possible alternative to typical University career pathways. The competition focuses on students enhancing their skills of:

  • Diversity

  • Originality and Creativity

  • Entrepreneurship and Engineering

The competition prepares students to be more innovative in their ideas to solve problems and requires participants to have initiative to solve them. These skills will be transferable to engineering practices, specifically in the areas of design and consulting.There are awesome opportunities on offer for all participants, especially finalists!


RTSA Challenge Poster for Web.png

The RTSA is a technical society of Engineers Australia, and they exist to serve their members and the Rail Industry through sharing of information, technical advancement and networking and industry promotion.

To promote career awareness of the rail industry and to attract budding engineering undergraduates, the WA Division of the RTSA organised a series of undergraduate events this year. Following the RTSA Presentation on August the 19th, the RTSA Competition commenced. The Competition is a local university competition whereby students will work in teams of three to four people to prepare and present a rail project bid based on a given scope of work to a panel of judges. The bid challenge this year (2014) was to be based on the potential future rail link from the Perth Airport to Forrestfield. Teams needed to submit:

  • A Project Tender Report (three weeks to prepare); and then

  • Present their project tender submission to the “client” over 10 to 15 minutes. The “client” will be the judging panel made up of a number of experienced personnel within the industry.

The WA Division of the RTSA provided one off workshops at each university to assist and guide student teams in the first week when they are given the bid challenge scope of works.


The Soccer event to trump all Soccer events. The pinnacle of sporting excellence. Where Engineering meets Soccer. 

Welcome to the The Golden Spanner Inter-club Soccer Competition. It is here YOU and your club will battle it out for what is arguably the greatest thing you will ever have in your otherwise mundane tool box: The Golden Spanner (comes pre-dipped in a river of gold). Also I hear there's going to be a BBQ so you know, good times ahead :D.

The aim of this event is to help all the engineering club committees get to know each other better, so teams competing must have an Engineering Club Committee member(s).

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