Brightest and best

UWAYE - Brightest and Best is a new initiative designed to connect the most academically successful and experienced Engineering students at UWA to the most prestigious companies in Perth. More details will be provided to the opportunities  UWAYE members will have by signing up to the program. This is not just the ones who achieve the highest grades, academically but those who stand out across all aspects of University Life.

Still and interested and a UWAYE member? Register your details via the Brightest and Best programs page under the 'Programs' folder above!

Mentor program

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The UWAYE Mentor Program is designed to provide engineering foundations and information for undergraduate students and help develop young engineers both academically and professionally. The program help you with:

  • Advice on how to improve your Job Interview Applications

  • Understanding the basics of the Engineering Industry

  • Seeing where studying Engineering leads you to in your career

  • Deciding which Specialisation you should choose in your Final Years of Study

  • Professional Public Speaking

Mentors for the Program are sourced from the UWAYE Committee and are motivated individuals who wish to share their wide range of experience.

The program will be supported with events in the 1st Semester of 2015, mentors and mentees are encouraged to keep contact beyond this time frame. Pending the demand of the program it may be continued in Semester 2. 

Key Dates:

Mentor Program Seminar - Wednesday 4th March

Program Registration due date - Friday 13th March

Register via the Mentor Program page under the 'Programs' folder above!

recent Programs from 2014

Masterclasses / SOS Series

UWAYE's Masterclasses are designed to allow students to improve on key qualities that are targeted by employers. The Masterclasses are not a new concept from UWAYE, but one that has been reintroduced to due to its effectiveness and impact on those who attend. When you ask people who have been around UWAYE for a while (not only in the committee but general members too), how they got to be involved in UWAYE, may of them cite the UWAYE Masterclasses. 

UWAYE are proud to present the Stand Out on Stage (SOS) Short Course as the successor to the Masterclass Series. The Short Course focuses on the improvement of Public Speaking and Presentation skills for participants!

SOS Short Course workshops run fortnightly on Thursdays; the next one being on the 18th of September. They run from 4:00 to 5:30 pm in Law Lecture Room 1.  Interested participants should check out the SOS Facebook event page:


AFL for Beginners

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In partnership with the Claremont Tigers Football Club, the AFL for Beginners Program is an innovative way to introduce all students to the sport and allow previous players to get back into AFL. The program includes opportunities to practice skills and learn the rules of the game whilst promoting an active, well rounded lifestyle at university. This is achieved by providing a platform for students to network and meet new people whilst improving their fitness.