Other than providing networking experiences between students and professional industries, UWAYE partners up with companies to run Hackathons. These Hackathons invite bright minds from all disciplines to come together as a team, and tackle challenges proposed by the partnered companies. Through these Hackathons, attendees are given the opportunity to understand how the company works internally and acquire essential skills, such as communication and critical thinking, from the event.

2018: Worley Parsons

In a sold-out event, teams of 3-5 worked to solve challenges focusing on the utilisation of machine learning for an existing Worley Parson engineering project. Each group worked diligently over the course of a day to research, experiment, and present their ideas - with the possibility of their prototype being built for a real Worley Parson client.

A cash prize of $4000 and opportunity to undertake a 12-week internship at Worley Parsons was awarded to the winning team, based on the likelihood of future success of their product. The hackathon was a chance for bright and curious students - ranging from Data Science to Commerce, to showcase their skills in a practical setting.


2017: Visagio

In 2017, UWAYE partnered with global management consultancy and information technology firm, Visagio, to hold a Hackathon event. Teams of 3-5 people were brought together to exercise their consulting skills and tackle a problem based on the theme of Global Health. Throughout the day, students were able to put into practice their technological skills such as creating simulations, artificial intelligence and using algorithms - solutions created on the day included an app for mental health improvement inspired by Pokémon Go, a platform for real-time health metrics, and an algorithmic approach for choosing locations for safe injection facilities for illicit drugs.

The prize for winning was smart watches and the chance to be mentored by Visagio. However, for all students, the challenged served as a talent identifier, enabling everyone involved to have the chance to gain an internship position with the firm.