Committee Structure

The UWAYE Committee comprises of 27 members (as of June 2015) and is broken up into teams dedicated to handling different aspects of the club. The club is structured in the following manner:

UWAYE Committee Structure.jpg
  • Executives
    • The Executives are the brain of the committee and comprise of the Chairperson, Vice Chairperson, Treasurer, Project Manager and the Secretary.
  • Project Team
    • The Project Team takes charge in planning and organising the majority of UWAYE's events under the guidance of the Executives. The Project Team was formerly the Functions & Promotions Team.
  • Relation
    • UWAYE External Relations takes charge in contacting and negotiating with organisations and companies about partnering with UWAYE. Internal Relations manages the personnel of the club and is especially important during times of committee recruitment and also in aiding committee engagement.
  • IT Integration
    • IT Integration focuses on incorporating the use of IT into UWAYE's operating model.
  • Immediate Past Chairperson
    • The Immediate Past Chairperson acts in an advisory position for the Executive committee using his/her experience to help the club.