The University of Western Australia Young Engineers (UWAYE) Club is a student chapter of Engineers Australia.

Although in the past, our focus has been on the resources sector, we have since expanded to also address alternative sectors that may require engineering skills, such as management consulting. We are now one of only a few faculty societies that cater to all Engineering and Mathematical Sciences students.


OUR Mission

Our mission is to promote and enhance the opportunities for the personal and professional enrichment of all engineering students. We do this via running and ideating a diversified range of events throughout the year, including both large-scale and small-scale networking events, professional development workshops, hackathons, technical challenges and panel discussions.

The UWA Young Engineers are the most organised and well-run student organisation we’ve seen in Australia
— David Pointing, National Tertiary Manager, Engineers Australia

UWAYE 2018 AGM Slides

Feel free to take a look at UWAYE's AGM presentation for the 2017/18 committee year.