Technology is rapidly advancing, bringing change and disruption to the practices of many companies. As a result, many corporations are required to develop their own technologies or outsource the development to remain competitive – each of which bring respective benefits and downfalls. To help students learn more about the way this technology will influence their future careers, this year’s tech event, Technology in Engineering, focused on this topic.

The night consisted of a series of TED-style talks from leaders across a variety of industries, including oil & gas, mining and biomedical engineering. From the CEO of Clough, Peter Bennett, who explained the focus on applying game technology like augmented reality, to Harry Perkin’s Dr Brendan Kennedy who explained the process of prototyping new technologies as a start-up, it was fascinating to hear about the different technologies companies were bringing in to facilitate growth. One of the highlights were the Virtual Reality goggles brought down by Rio Tinto to enable students to look around their prospective mine, the first-ever automated mine, Kookaideri.

As the future workers in the digital age, Technology in Engineering provided students invaluable insight into how modern companies utilise cutting edge technology, helping them see the way in which this will mould the future of engineering.