Industry Analysis Night

In a series of TED-talk styled speakers, the purpose behind Industry Analysis Night is to shine a light on a diverse range of well-known industries available to Engineering students. It includes a chance to network and hear the special highlights and personal insights of speakers such as CEO’s and managing directors.  On top of discovering the unique journeys of the speakers, attendees also hear about what companies can provide them and increase their overall knowledge about industry and work.

2018 Industry Analysis Night

Industry Analysis Night (IAN) 2018 was the biggest event held by UWAYE in the year 2018. It was sold-out with over 60 representatives from more than 15 companies attending and 170 attendees. Its main focus was to explore and enlighten students about the future directions and current states of a range of industries available to them, from mining to cryptocurrency. Featuring 11 speakers across over 8 industries, a few of the speakers who provided their individual insights included the co-founded of Power Ledger and the CEO of Santos.


2017 Industry Analysis Night

Industry Analysis Night (IAN) 2017 emphasised STEM and included speakers from a diverse range of STEM fields such as mining, renewables, research and many more. As such, attendees were educated about the paths that could be taken to pursue a career in technology and innovation whilst studying engineering. Some of the 10 speakers who spoke at the event included an associate Professor at UWA, the Vice-President of Innovation and Capability at Woodside, and a Program Manager at IBM.